"Wraps" on tapered tumblers/objects

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I’ve seen a bunch of videos on how to frame/align designs or patterns on tumblers, but the tumblers are always the same diameter at the top and bottom. I’d like to set up a wrap design where everything is evenly spaced and there is no obvious “end” or seam of the design.
It would seem to me that I need to create a tool path/work space where the path is NOT a rectangle, but rather more like a trapezoid. Then I could use the LB array feature and do the layout so that the top items, middle items, bottom items are offset enough that each row would be equal distance from the first to the last item in each row all the way around the tumbler.

As an example with the photo, I would guess the basketballs at the top of the tumbler (left in the photo) would evenly match all the way around, but each subsequent row would need to be squeezed closer to make up for the smaller circumference.

If anyone has experience doing this or any video links, I’d appreciate it.


These steps show how to align graphics with creating a tapered template. Will work in Lightburn. How to Label a Tapered Container or Curved Surface | Sttark

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Thanks so much! Bookmarked and I am going to try it out! I have scraps of paper all over my desk with notes and calculations…LOL So the Adobe Illustrator portion can be done in LightBurn? Can’t wait to figure this out.

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Cut out my template and it fits well on my tapered tumbler. The more I think of this, though, I believe this would work great if you were cutting out vinyl or pasting an entire label around the tumbler. However, if I curve my engraving items/text, it seems like the basketballs would not all be the same height from the top of the tumbler. Unless there’s a way for Lightburn to understand the curve and factor it in. Maybe I should just stick with items that have the same diameter top to bottom…LOL

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