Wrong and outplaced cutting

Good evening,

As a Dutch Newbie i have a problem.
I am trying to cut plywood using a pdf template.

The cuts are not were i placed them and they are not according to my template.

What am i doing wrong.
Do i have to convert the pdf file?

I use a K40, with Cohesion 3D and off course Lightburn.

Thank you for your time.

With regards Ben

Going to need a bit more information to offer you help.

Please provide a more detailed description of what this means. We don’t charge by the word so uses as many as you think would help us “see” what you do. :slight_smile: Show picture for what you did and what you expected, along with the results and we can go from there.

Hello Rick,

thank you for your support.

I’am trying to cut an 3d apple.
The wooden pieces interlock with each other.

I use autodesk 123d.
It is possible to export the templates but there is an error.
So i print/save them as pdf (“microsoft print to pdf”)

Then i import this pdf into Lightburn.

Then i try to cut the pieces.

as a newbie i can only post 1 picture…so next post…

Groeten Ben

the cut looks like this:


Can you tell me what is going wrong?
Or do you need more info?

Groeten (=Greetings) Ben

First, I have updated your profile so you can post more. :slight_smile:

Next, you mention C3D but you haven’t shared what firmware you are using so I’d need to know that. I would also like to know what cut settings you set for this and how does this look in the ‘Preview’ window?

You also mentioned that you are getting an error when trying to generate this file with Slicer for Fusion 360 (formally AutoDesk Make123). Please explain as the provide direct output to DXF and PDF without the process you described above. Both are directly supported in LightBurn.


I have the C3D laserboard (1 month old).
Where can i find the firmware?

Line settings:
speed 85 mm/s
power 50%
pass 12

In the preview it runs like it has to.
No problems.

The problem with Autodesk: i can’t sign in or export files

When LightBurn connects to your system, a “hello” type message should display in the console window identifying the firmware (and for some, the version as well).

Please post an image showing this.

As for AutoDesk, I am not a user of TinkerCAD so I can’t offer you any help there. I use Slicer for Fusion 360 for this type of work which does not require me to log in or be online.

Lightburn is 0907

Thank you. Please post an image of the ‘Console’ window showing when you connect.


This will display the firmware you are using with the C3D.

This is not what I showed. You have cut off the top of the console window where the information should be showing.

20191015_024647 20191015_024732 20191015_024842 20191015_024911

I have to many big pictures in this post, can you do anything about it?

Slicer and 123d are the same.

If the preview is jumping around like that, instead of treating it as a single connected design, select everything, un-group it (Ctrl-U) then use the auto-join tool (Edit > Auto Join, or Alt-J) to connect the shapes together.

I would also remove ‘Order by Priority’ and ‘Order by Group’, and turn off ‘Reduce Direction changes’ at least, until you properly understand what they do. Just turning on everything isn’t always the best idea. :slight_smile:

As a starting point, skip trying to cut the complex shapes, and start with something simple and known, like a circle and a square, maybe with some simple text, and see how those come out with the settings chosen. From the image of the cut you’ve displayed, it looks like you could have a loose belt or lens, or your acceleration or speed settings could be too aggressive, but since the shape you’re cutting is wobbly to begin with, it’s hard to see what’s from the original shape and what’s erroneous output.

thank you for your response.

Try doing a simpler test, and report back with pictures and we’ll continue from there.

This morning i saved the templates using the slicer for fusion 360 program.

The first templates are oke.


Is the a software or hardware probleem?

It looks like your hardware settings are incorrect. If you are trying to accelerate or move too fast, the stepper motors will skip.

The settings I’m referring to are stored in the config.txt file on the SD card of your Smoothieware device. Acceleration might be too high and require tuning, and it’s also possible that your motor current needs to be set higher - with the LaserBoard the motor current would be a setting in the config file.

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