Wrong cut size CO2

I have recently setup my CO2 laser temporarily with GRBL (waiting for smoothieboard to be shipped) and I have a problem I fail to see its cause.

Everything works just fine exept it cuts everything exactly 0,5mm bigger… I setup my steppers correctly, I tell it to move 1mm it moves 1mm etc… imported DXF has proper size… BUT when I cut it its 0,5mm bigger than its supposed to be… Did enyone delt with simmilar problem? (no its not caused by width of the laser beam)

Yes offcourse I could compensate it either by editting steppers or dxf to match the exact size of the cut but thats crude solution.

ps: Many thanks to devs for lightburn, i have got thru many laser softwares and this one is really amazing.

Do you have Kerf enabled in the cut settings? If you did, that would alter the output size.

No, the Kerf is set to 0.

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