Wrong cutting order

I am encountering a problem with order of cuts and can’t see where my error lies. In this file I want to cut the green cutouts BEFORE the red edges but the file defaults to cutting the red and then dropping it into the bed so that the green cutouts don’t ever reach. I tried overcoming the problem by putting 2 tabs on each red object but they get ignored. Similarly the red rectangles gets cut before the blue “swirls”. I have the layer orders set correctly.

Lightburn 1.0.06, Windows11, Emblaser 2

Can anyone see what I’m overlooking?
ROCKING HOORSE - wrong cutting order.lbrn (171.8 KB)

Your cuts are set in order of the layers… 00,02,09,11. Simply move the later cuts to a later layer and Bob is your Uncle.

I thought they are in correct order, my cut layers are underneath my fill layers but are ignoring the order.

What do your optimization settings look like? Could they be overriding your layers?

If you want to enforce layer order then make sure layer is your first selection in the Ordering section.

Thanks for the suggestion bebrainlb, I wasn’t aware of an Order section so checked the online docs and see that it is in Optimization settings and I hadn’t ticked Optimise Cut Path so that might have been the issue. I’ll go back and try that.

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Change the layer for the CUT - change it to a layer of greater number than your highest engrave layer.

i.e. change layer 02 to layer 15
Look to your LAYER NUMBER…

Thanks James; the error was mine as I didn’t have Optimize Cut Path (Order by Layer) selected. I ignore the numbers sequence on the layers palette as some of the colours are too pale for me to easily see, particularly if I have Output turned off. I often use a dozen or more layers so go for the brightest ones instead. The palette probably wasn’t designed to work this way but it suits my reduced vision.

The numbers would only work if I could allocate a colour to a number.

Elayne B., I found a better answer for your question. See attached snips and note the position of the OPTIMIZE CUT PATH switch.

***When turned OFF, the cut order is top to bottom as listed in the CUTS/Layers window - 02, 00,01,03 in my screen snip.

***When turned OPTIMIZE CUT PATH is turned ON, then the order is determined by the layer number, in my example 00, 01, 02, 03

Sorry for not giving you a complete and accurate answer the first time through.

Thanks for the clarification JimNM, your suggestion works as long as Order by Layer is at the top of the Optimize menu. I have always had that set and totally overlooked it so that it no longer worked when Optimize somehow became unselected. I appreciate your help.

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