Wrong dimensions X-axis

I have a problem I can’t understand

Tried to make a 20x20mm square using Lightburn
The Y-axis is good but the X-axis gets 5mm bigger.

If I do the same in RD works it is good.

I’m using RDC6445G

I have not heard of this before. Did you use exactly the same settings in both programs? (Speed, power, mode, etc?)

The only thing I can think of is if you filled the square, and you have scanning offsets (reverse interval) set up in RDWorks but haven’t set those up in LightBurn yet - that could make the sizes different. You’ve given very little information about what you did, settings you used, etc, so photos or more detail would be helpful.

Im new to laser cutting and both software’s so there will for sure be something I’m missing.
I will try to provide withe some pictures. Is there any thing specific that you see will be preferred.

I have done all my settings for the machine directly on the ruida controller.

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