Wrong GCODE for Snapmaker 2

The exported GCODE for the Snapmaker in Lighburn 0.9.24 has a scale error in the Y-axis.

The max. Y-Coordinate is 66.87mm (that’s right) but already the first movement goes to Y153.2

Example GCODE:

;Header Start
;header_type: laser
;max_x(mm): 256.68
;max_y(mm): 66.87
;max_z(mm): 0
;min_x(mm): 8.4
;min_y(mm): 8.21
;min_z(mm): 0
;Header End
; LightBurn 0.9.24
; SnapMaker device profile, absolute coords
; Bounds: X8.4 Y8.21 to X256.68 Y66.87

; Cut @ 600 mm/min, 100% power
M106 P0 S255
G0X42.45 Y153.2 F3000
; Layer Text schwarz
M03 P100 S255
G1X42.24 F600
G1X42.07 Y152.64
G1X41.87 Y152.15

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