Wrong image size while importing to lightburn

so i decided to engrave few photos and i set image size in Ilustrator to : 225.07 x 234.244

when i import it to corel to check size it has exactly same size but after importing it to lightburn it have:

135x141 ??

whats is wrong and why lightburn changing image size while importing image ?

Any ideas ?

What file format are you using?

You haven’t mentioned which version of LightBurn you’re using, or which image format - both of these would be helpful. Older versions of the software didn’t properly read the EXIF tags in JPG files that store this info, but it should be properly read in newer versions, and has always worked properly in PNG files.

Jpg and i was using also up to date last version of lightBurn

so i tried PNG file format and it is exactly same dimension difference after import picture have 210x235 mm size :frowning: ( LB v 0.9.02 )

Have you tried opening the image in any software other than Corel? Are you sure that the problem is LightBurn and not Corel? (not saying it isn’t, but it’s good to check)

Ok so ilustrator exported it in some dimencions. If i import it in corel i have same dimencions like i set in ilustrator but when i import it to LB dimencions are different.

Zip and email the JPG and PNG images, along with the dimensions they are supposed to be, to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and I’ll have a look.

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