Wrong next routes of laser

Hello my Friends.

I have a problem with my cnc machine. I have atomstack a5 pro. It works well, but sometimes it makes bad routes.
Below are photos of this problem:

Does anybody know where the problem is?
Machine has a good mantle and it’s well attached.

I have the same problem with my laser and I was hoping you might have some ideas on how to solve it

There are two or three things this could be.

What is the speed in mm/min and what is the power level?

if you jiggle the engraver head does anything feel loose?

is there any measurable backlash?

if you are willing and able - please share your file

Please start a new thread and post pictures of what you’re seeing.

If the problem is similar and not identical it can be confusing for everyone.

I would like for you to arrive at the solution that is correct for you.

I can move the head this way.

I am uncertain, but this could be a hardware concern.
If I were you I would reach out to AtomStack.

For now, I suggest that you slow the engraving down to see if you can get the accelerating mass (force) low enough to not deflect the springy machine.

Good luck!

Try to tighten the eccentric nuts that are between the wheels and the module plate. You should be able to draw in the wheels to be closer to the rail and remove that movement.

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