X and Y axes move VERY slowly, Z-axis moves fine

I have an x-Carve 1000 with a jTech 7w laser. It was working fine then I had the issue I listed above. If I’m at the home position, any move on the x or y axis is very slow. If I manually move the carriage to the middle of the workspace and click home, it works fine. I use the Easel software for carving and that works fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled Lightburn, removed and readdded the device, turned the jTech laser control and x-controller off and on again and hit the reset button on the laser control box

What is the speed set to in the Move window?


Thank you. The move speed was 1. I changed it to 10 and that worked. I must have accidentally changed when changing the move distance. What is the default/ideal setting?

The default is 100mm/sec. The ideal really depends on your machine. Most people with CO2 lasers would find the 100mm/sec setting too low, and for some CNC machines it’s too high, but it’s a reasonable default.

Thank you for your very prompt and helpful response.

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