X and y axis incorrect size

How’s it going this problem sounds so obvious to fix but I’m still having trouble. So basically my cutter dimensions are 650mm * 500mm. So when I set up light burn and my cutter it says how big is the build plate so I put 650 * 500mm but when I go to cut something large it only goes out to coordinates
x200 x y160. It still gets the entire build plate though but it makes it impossible to line stuff up. Because my cut plate scales it down. Again probably really easy thing to fix just needed a little nudge

It looks like this x200 = 650 y160 = 500
If I can get it to look like x650 = 650 and y500= 500 that would be a big help. I thank you and apologise

What controller? Sounds like you haven’t calibrated you X and Y axis, that wold mean you probably haven’t checked skew either.

The test is not dependent on the controller, the calibration is.

For my 500 x 700, I got a scrap of old wrapping paper and drew a 450 x 650 box with a dashed line down the middle. Ran the job. Measure what you cut vs what it’s supposed to be and input it into your controller in the right spot.

To check skew, fold the paper on the dashed line. If the corners match you are square, if they are off, that’s your skew error and the amount you need to adjust one side of you Y drive by…

Controller is a recycled eleks laser Nano board with grbl installed

How do you input that and calibrate sorry relatively knew to light burn and not sure where all this is. So what your saying is is draw a rectangle with dashed lines down the middle and see whether they line up or not ?

Can’t tell you just where to enter it on that one. For my Ruida, I have a ‘button’ next to my step length setting that opens the calibration window. I put in what it’s supposed to be and the actual and it calibrates the step length to get it to match in the real world.

That’s where you are off is the step length. It will be different between the two axis. Do you calculations of the 200 / 650 and the 160 / 500 and see what you get. Wish I could be more help, hopefully somebody in here can tell you how to calibrate it for your board.

The big square is to measure your X and Y for the calibration measurements. Technically you only need two lines in each axis for that. By doing the big rectangle and the dashed line, now you have corners to match to check skew. If you fold the box on the dashed lines and the corners match, your Y and X axis are square to each other. If the corners don’t match, your Y travel is not square to the gantry. You fix that by adjusting one end of your Y drive axle.

Mine was off by just over a belt tooth. So now instead of being out 2.7mm across 700mm, it’s out by .2mm across 700mm. With a .3mm kerf on my Premium MDF, I can live with that instead of digging into the drive axle screws and nuts.

So basically all I gotta do is go into the calibrate settings and put in what is then get the output and put that into my stepper length in machine settings thanks for your help I’ll let you l ow my findings when I’m home

Yes. In my Ruida, I open my vendor Setting and go to the respective axis information. I have a window with a step length in it, and a little ‘unlabeled’ button next to it with three dots. I click on that, and I get a window that takes my two lengths. The what it’s supposed to be ad the actual. It makes the calculations, and you rerun the test. With such a large discrepancy, it would not surprise me that you will have to run the calibration test at least one more time if not two.

The skew is totally mechanical, hence the dashed line to fold on.

Okay I just found that setting so your going to love this I draw a 20mm square and it ends up being 200mm on the build plate. :joy:. That’s what my friend says anyway. I’ll have to go back and make sure but I think this will fix the issue thanks very much for your help

Those pesky stepper motors, I tell ya. My step calibration is out five decimal places… sheeeeesh!

Gee hey while I’ve still got ya no matter what speed I change it to doesn’t seem to change any ideas

On that controller, no idea. I know on my Ruida I can set a max speed and power, you may have something similar.

Yeh thought that might be the case might google some ways to fix that issue but thanks very much for your help :ok_hand::+1:

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