X and y axis messed up somehow

I’m not really sure how to explain this. My x and y axis got messed up somehow (I have a mf2028 60 W chinese? laser with a ruida controller). The laser went straight over to the left (as you’re looking at it) side of the grid and started hitting up against the side. I hit the emergency stop, and tried to reset the machine. I believe it thought that home was over there somewhere because on the startup process it would go to the upper right corner (again, as you’re looking at the laser), beep, then go all the way to the left again and hit against it. I somehow fixed the hitting against the side problem, but now my whole grid is off and I can only use about 1/3 of my workspace without it trying to hit again. I just don’t know if I’m explaining this right, or what I’m supposed to do. This is urgent for me because I have projects backing up. I still feel like I’m really new at this and my learning has been trial and error.

Can you restore the original configuration?

Do you know what you changed?

Machine configurations don’t change themselves, so I’m not sure what you are trying to chase down.

You didn’t mention which corner was the original home corner if the head went the correct direction when it attempted to home.

You can press ‘esc’ to stop it with the power on…


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