X axis and Y axis flipped

Hey everyone, I have been looking for a solution through old post and through the settings and am coming up dry. I have been successfully using Lightburn with my XTool D1 for a few months. I bought their extension kit the other day (for those unfamiliar link here [Pre-order] xTool D1 Pro/D1 Extension Kit).

Install went well but now my engraving area has increase so much I have to change the orientation of the laser on my workbench. I have found where to change the settings of the laser bed size but since I physically rotated the laser now my X axis is my Y and vice versa (left is down/right is up/down is right/up is left.

I would like to be able to fix this so I dont have to rotate all of my projects 90 in lightburn all the time.

2nd issue. While I found online how to change the bed size in device settings, it mentioned updating the console commands to mach for $130 and $131. When I do this I get a confirmation “ok” but when rechecking with the command $$ nothing has changed. Not sure why they wont save?

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There’s likely no practical way to do this with the D1 since xTool doesn’t allow changes to be made to the GRBL configuration.

This is due to the same issue as above. Since xTool have released an official extension I assume they provide some official mechanism to handle this. Either a firmware update or by not bothering with updating $130 or $131 and just increasing the workspace size in LightBurn. $130 and $131 don’t directly impact functionality if soft limits are not on ($20).

Is it possible that the values can be changed in Laserbox? Or the extension somehow activated?

Is there a way to swap motor cables for the X and Y axes?

Never tried this, seems logical…?

You would think they would have thought of all of this when building the new option for size… If I purchased it, I’d be back at their door… IMHO…


That will swap the motor function but other things that you may need to change like homing direction are not an option without the ability to affect GRBL configuration.

I agree. I assume there’s a way to make this one adjustment or they just expect you to not concern yourself with soft limits. I don’t recall if xTool enable soft limits in the default configuration but I assume it’s off.

If you could swap it and try, might not have to change…

I agree, they must have soft limits off…


I have increased the workspace limits in LightBurn. I will contact XTool to see if they have official setting updates planned. I bought the extension kit on release night and the product is still in pre-order stages so I was one of the earlier sets to be delivered to a customer. I did ensure the firmware is updated but can’t seem to find how to update settings in LaserBox, but I hate using their software anyways so I only open it to check updates every so often and use LightBurn for the rest. I will make do until I hear back from XTool.

So I can work with it and rotate the image 90 in Lightburn. This will resolve the axis being off as I just live with it knowing it is oriented different on the workplace. I have encountered one new issue though. It does seem soft limits are on. No matter where I put an image, my laser will not move past the 1/2 mark which is about where the old laser dimensions were.

Is this something I can update in LightBurn? Forgive me but last time I just used the find my laser option and LightBurn had all the appropriate settings for me.

Can I assume that you already changed the size of your workspace in Edit->Device Settings?

If not, go there and update the workspace area.

Update for everyone. I got ahold of Xtool Support. They discontinued support of one of their propreitary software and replaced it with another with the launch of their XTool D1 Pro. Essentially I was missing a firmware update. Once there new software was installed, firmware updated, it worked as it should once I resized the work area in Lightburn.

Software link:
Use xTool Creative Space (XCS) to Operate xTool D1 – xTool
You can also use this and select super long option if you prefer

Link to setting sizes in LightBurn
How to set working size for Extension Kit in LightBurn? – xTool

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