X axis gantry needed some manipulation 🤫

I have been working through just about every adjustment and calibration I can find, one to get my new machine as dialed in as I can and secondly to get to know the software and machine settings.

While I was at the end of upgrading the air supply from the pump to a compressor I replaced the 6mm rubber tubing for polypropylene in the track to the laser head.

That got me thinking how long the gantry was and potentially easy to be bent.

I put a 1 meter steel rule along that X asis and found it was bowed down about 1.5 mm and the machine is brand new.

Images to show…

I manipulated it carefully (bent it) to straight and level …

Hopefully this will maintain a greater degree of accuracy in the relationship between the workpiece and the laser head.
If you didn’t check yours yet, especially on a wider bed length, it might be worth doing.

Good luck and happy lasering :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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