X axis measurement issues and image sizing issues

I’ve recently dove into this DIY world and learned quite a bit, but I noticed a couple of things the other day when going to burn/cut an image. First, if I tell the computer to move the laser to the right, I have it set to move 10 mm, but the laser moves between 20-30 mm, any idea why this is happening? Second, I have taken several images and traced them for different jobs, and though the image reads as 1" by 5", or 100 mm x 40 mm, when I check the image for when it will burn/cut, the sizing reads as exponentially larger. The measurement of 5" said it would burn between 30-40" tall. Any idea why this is happening, and could these two problems be related or connected in any way?

Perhaps you have LB set to “inch” while you think “millimeter”?

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