X axis not moving sculpfun s6 pro

X axis not responding on Sculpfun s6 Pro. After drawing a square, when I hit the FRAME button. The laser moves up & down on the Y axis and goes back to center position, but does not travel the X axis to complete the square. I have plugged and unplugged the 6 connection points to make sure contact is made

Please share your current firmware settings for review. :slight_smile: We can go from there.

Discovered the problem, which was tightening the set screw on the x axis belt to grab…since I am a newbie, I know I will be asking many many questions…I’ll have to find the firmware setting, yes, I am completely a novice :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you got some of your initial concerns sorted. When connected, you can visit the ‘Machine Settings’ window from the ‘Edit’ menu at the top to read and display your firmware settings. You also have the option to type $$ followed by the Enter / Return key into the ‘Console’. The resulting output is a scrollable list of the current firmware settings in your controller. :slight_smile:

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