X Axis Not Responding

Hello all!
Here’s some background on what I’m working with. Laser is a 100W red and black “Redsail” model from China. It has the Ruida controller 6442S. My computer is a surface 3 with Windows 10.

Yesterday my machine was running fine, got about 80% through a cut file and the X axis stopped working, only Y will work. I’ve swapped out the stepper motor with the one from my rotary attachment but no luck. It is also flashing red where the other ones are flashing green. When I start up the machine this message pops up for about 2 mins, so I’m thinking its more on the computer end now.
Any help/direction is much appreciated!

What does it show after 2 minutes…?

If it fails to home, that axes will have a high value in it, something like 30000

Which ‘red’ light are you referring?

In simple terms the controller signals the driver to put current across the coils in the motor.

You’ve replaced the motor, the only thing left is the driver and controller.

I’d guess a driver, but the only way is to swap it out or swap the driver connections.

Most of these connectors are the same types so you can swap axes and test components. Nice part about having multiple axes… If you feel comfortable doing that…


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I just want to ask a thing… but only for my personal curiosity…
You say that the machine was working and suddenly an axis stop to move…
hence the question, what made you think that the problem was the firmware and not a mechanical or electronic defect?
Why, if any machine, 3d printer or laser engraver or CNC, has a defect in the movements, do you think it is the firmware? when it is clear that it is either a mechanical defect or a faulty electronic component…

Thanks for you reply,

After 2 minutes it goes away but the laser does not go home. You are correct the axes values are very high.
Attached is a photo of the red light, it appears to be on the motor driver. It does 6 red blinks then 1 green then back to red (Some type of code…?)

What kind of motor driver is it?

From my dm556 motor driver manual…

Protection Functions
To improve reliability, the Driver incorporates some built-in protection functions. The DM556
uses one RED LED to indicate what protection has been activated. The periodic time of RED is 3
s (seconds), and how many times the RED turns on indicates what protection has been activated.
Because only one protection can be displayed by RED LED, so the Driver will decide what error
to display according to their priorities. See the following Protection Indications table for
displaying priorities.

Over-current Protection
Over-current protection will be activated when continuous current exceeds 16A or in case of short
circuit between motor coils or between motor coil and ground, and RED LED will turn on once
within each periodic time (3 s).

Over-voltage Protection
When power supply voltage exceeds 52±1 VDC, protection will be activated and RED LED will
turn on twice within each periodic time (3 s).

Phase error
Motor power lines wrong & not connected will activate this protection. RED LED will turn on four times within each periodic time (3 s).

Attention: When above protections are active, the motor shaft will be free or the LED will turn red.
Reset the Driver by repowering it to make it function properly after removing above problems. Since
there is no protection against power leads (﹢,﹣) reversal, it is critical to make sure that power supply leads correctly connected to Driver. Otherwise, the Driver will be damaged instantly.

If yours isn’t a dm556, you will have to find the manual and check. I don’t really understand the description of the LEDs but maybe this will help…