X axis overrunning the stop

I have a Chinese laser which has been working well, but the cutting head caught on the lathe attachment while resetting, and now over runs to the left hand x axis stop and makes an unpleasant noise for a few seconds, presumably as the step motor slips. Can this be reset

Have you checked if your end stop works as intended? You should be able to see a light on your controller when you activate your end stops with a piece of metal (by inductive sensor).

So the travel is brought to a halt with a sensor? Is this on the rail. There is a piece of orange plastic pushed into the rail which looks slightly damaged and also a square orange box with as light in it which has been knocked out of place. By controller, do you mean the ruida controller display.

Yes, I suspect your switch was broken so your machines ran over this end stop. Unfortunately, the vast majority of laser machines have no mechanical rubber stops, hence also this horrible sound.
On the Ruida controller itself, there are small lamps that light up when one or the other function is activated, unfortunately I do not know the number of the end stops, but try to check both end stops and you will see if they light up. The machine does not have to run, but of course it must be switched on, just use a metal object and keep it on the switch.

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The ugly sound actually comes from the stepper motor which is not electrically stopped and runs over until it is turned off by overload protection. (the simple explanation)

So I should be able to stop the motor art any point by activating the switch with a metal object. Is this switch fixed to the rail? I assume it is the square, plastic covered item which has had the top knocked off!! Presumably the head will need to reach this end stop before resetting correctly.

However, of course, if the switch is broken, then it’s broken. Is there a work around?

Correct, but to test it is not necessary to drive with X or Y, just hold a piece of metal to the blue contacts and then there should be light in one of the small lamps on your Ruida. You will probably need to buy a new end stop if the original one is broken. The switches themselves are usually installed stationary and the switch release (metal object) is on the moving part.
Can’t make a picture from the switch and your machine?

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You can also use another brand, as long as the electrical values are the same. If you know an electrician he can surely find a replacement for you, faster than ordering from this site, but the price I do not think he can beat. (buy 2!)

Difficult to photograph but now I look closely I can see that contacts have been broken as the red casing had been pushed forward. Presumably there is no work around apart from a new switch. Does anyone sell such spares

I’ve given you an address.

Is this it Inductive Proximity Sensor Switches PL-05N 5mm NPN Normal Open for Laser-Cutting | eBay

as I can judge it, yes.
But try to see if it does not say the same thing on the front of the broken switch.

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