X-axis skipping?

im engraving on a large tumbler with a rotary with the comgrow z1 10w diode. the rotary replaces my Y axis on the z1
Y axis looks fine, so this new rotary should be fine, right? however, X-axis seems to be skipping? not sure what the term is…

im using Offset Fill instead of Fill to save time:

this is what it is supposed to look like.

any help is greatly appreciated since im new to LB and laser

Offset fill requires a lot of movement in both axes which will be prone to positional errors especially if the rotary is the roller type.

Standard fill should give you better results with “Fill all Shapes at once”.

Temporarily reducing ‘Y Acceleration (mm/sec^2)’ by half or even more (Edit > Machine Settings) will help prevent part slippage on roller rotaries, although it does look like your part is slipping in X which is unusual…wipe the rollers clean with a damp cloth and ensure that the rotary is positioned perfectly parallel to the X-axis.

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