X axis stops working

Hello, I’ve been running lightburn perfectly fine on my computer 60w, through macbook for a few months.

Today when starting up and running a simple line drawing it gets about 30 seconds into it and then will only burn vertically and stops moving horizontally.

It continues to burn but only up and down
I can control x/y manually from keypad and with lightburn

Once it fails I have no Y control and have to switch off and on.

I’m using a Ruida RDC6642S controller

Any ideas would help
Thanks in advance

Thank you for reporting this. Can you tell us what version of LightBurn, please? Additionally, you say “macbook”, but did not share which version OS, so we would like to know that as well. :slight_smile:

Hi, the lightburn version is 0.9.24 and the MacBook is running 10.13.6 High Sierra, i have been running fine with this for some time.

How are you connected? And please update your forum profile. It only lists an Ortur at this point. :wink:

Sorry, will update, it’s a 60W co2 with a Ruida controller

No worries ~ and how are you connected to the laser?

USB cable…swapped it out, still same…i’m now thinking it may be a faulty stepper motor driver

Replaced y axis stepper motor driver, all is now good…thanks for your help, Steve

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