X Carve Controller

Alright im completely lost on how to set up for xcarve controller.
X Carve (1000mm) is after January 2018.
Current setup is:
S-Value 1000
Device Type is GRBL COM 3
Controller connected Via USB

but it still tells me waiting on connection in console, and Communication with controller failed in machine settings.
Is there something else im missing?

Is your controller actually on COM3? Are you running Easel and LightBurn at the same time?

Yeah it’s in COM 3, and at first I had easel running then I shut everything down and started again with no easel or any web browser going. I still get the Disconnected, waiting on connection

Try the updated version just posted. It’s possible the issue that affected Smoothieware devices was affecting you too.

Booyah!!! That fixed the issue. Oz you da man…or woman!

Genderless energy blob, floating in the void… ? :slight_smile: Glad you’re up & running again.

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