X controller $30=255 or $30=1000 I'm confused

Hi a newbie here. I’m running a J tech 2.8W laser on my x carve and the x controller has Grbl 1.1g.
I read somewhere that I should check in the console that $30 =255 but then I also read somewhere else that $30=1000, just a little confused what is the difference and what should I set $30 to equal.

Look to your manufacture, in this case JTech, for the correct firmware setting suggestion and use that. The difference is the range of power levels available and most be supported in the firmware installed. The key is that the setting match in both LightBurn AND your firmware.

Thanks for the quick response, I’ve just checked J tech’s web site I need $30=255.
I’m can’t even remember where I read about $30 =1000

$30 is the default for GRBL. Technically, you can use either as long as they match. Using 1000 gets you slightly better resolution, assuming the controller does better than 8 bit PWM (I honestly don’t know if the X-Controller is 8, 10, or 12 bit).

The most important thing is that the controller and the software creating GCode for the controller agree on the number, and that there is enough range for the shading you want. If you set both to 7243 that would work just fine too. If you set both to 2 you wouldn’t get much shading detail. :slight_smile:

I have both mine set to 1000 as I find it easier to adjust power levels both with Lightburn and Vcarve. If I am unsure about power requirements I start off maybe 50% and increase by 10% a time. With 255 as the default it is not quick to add 10% increments. With 1000 I simply start at 500 then 600 etc. and fine tune if required as I get close to desired result. Much of my work on the xcarve is done at power 600 and speed 1000. With 100’s alteration on speed and power it’s easier to keep track and adjust.

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