X Y independent Kerf Offset? (Or someway to do it in Illustrator)

I have an Ortur Master and the laser is not a dot but an parallelogram where the Y axis is 1mm and X axis is .5mm in size.

(More here Ortur Laser Master - Laser not focusing to a dot and How small can you make a diode laser spot?)

This means if I want to do some inlay work, I need to offset the path independently in the X and Y direction.

The kerf offset feature in Lightburn is in all direction, assuming a circular laser dot. Is there anyway to have the X and Y kerf offset separate?

Offset path in Illustrator also can’t do two dimensions independently as much as I can tell…

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Thank you for your kind reply.

Maybe I shouldn’t have bought a 20w model.
I’ll have to find another way to improve it.

Anyway, once again thank you for your information.

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