X & y Position > 10000

Has anyone ever seen the following problem ?

When I turned on the machine it tried to move the laserhead beyond the physical Home. It was kind of crashing, the step motors made a big noise, some fume came from somewhere and it smelled a bit like electric. I was shocked as you can imagine. I turned it off quickly and then, to see what the problem is, turned it on again while stopping the move of the laserhead immediately. I tried it several times but always the same problem. I did some resets to see if it fixes the issue but unfortunately it didn’t.

I then recognized, that the x and y coordinates where far away from reality:

When I do another reset and stop the laserhead move, no matter where, the controller says 10.000 for both, x and y.

The value of X and Y displayed on your RD controller tells you the current maximum X and Y travel
You can set your maximum X and Y axis travel in the software according to your machine

It’s maximum travel x=900,000 and y=600,000 so I assume it’s ok.

And here’s the solution :slight_smile:
The Y-Axis Limit Switch was burned and didn’t work anymore and for this reason the machine couldn’t go to Home position anymore. And even though the X-Axis sensor was still working, it crashed even on the left and right, because the machine was confused. I replaced the switch and got it work again. It positions to Home again and then sets the coordinates to 0/0 again.
Poohhh… :sweat_smile:

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