X Y position differs

First of all, I am extremely new to this experience. I just started with an AtomStack P7 and have been trying to set up the laser with the LightBurn software (which seems stellar). Initially when I set up the the laser created text that was mirrored. I changed the origin to front left, and the text is proper and readable. However now the screen X & Y positions do not match the location of the laser. I am NOT savvy with all the technical stuff but am learning as I go.

It’s very likely that you’re perceiving the orientation of your laser differently than it’s actually setup.

The laser should be oriented where the “Atomstack” label on the gantry shows right side up. Basically like a letter ‘E’. The bottom of the E is the front of the laser.

Now I feel quite like the newbie. But I see exactly what you are saying, and it makes total sense now.

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