X-Y Slop Over (framing issue with Ruida)

Ok I am running into the same issue. I am trying to make something that’s a 33x22 and my bed is a 24x40. But when i frame it, it frames the entire bed and tells me that my “XY Slop over”. I tried what you said above but still no luck. Can you help me please!?! Desperately lost

This is most likely not the same issue. “XY Slop over” is indicating that the resultant job would go outside of your work area. Do you have the object oriented as you’ve listed? If so, horizontal direction would already be oversize. If you’ve turned it 90 degrees then it’s still possible with overscan that you’re going past the edge of your work area.

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What/how are you doing the job?

It would be helpful to post the .lbrn2 file, if possible.

We can help you better with more information about what you are doing…


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