X20 Pro doesn't work anymore after 2 weeks

Hey, I bought the Atomstack X20Pro laser 2 weeks ago, and it worked flawlessly until yesterday. Suddenly, it stopped cutting, but then this morning, it briefly worked again. Shortly after, it stopped working again. I have already replaced the lens and reset the settings according to the instructions with $30=1000 and S-Value set to 1000. Unfortunately, there’s only a small blue laser dot that can’t cut anything at 200mm/min and 65% power for 3mm plywood.

here my gcode of a test
test.gc (6,9 KB)

; Cut @ 1000 mm/min, 20% power

Even with 20 watts, I would only expect this to mark and not cut.

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Well But it even doesnt mark

Check if your plugs are well seated at laser head and controller board also check your laser head cables for continuity.