X7S DSP Controller

e have a X7s that we recently purchased. I can not get it to engrave on silicone. We are using Lightburn Am I missing settings?​ Was ok with old controller just would not work with LB. So we got the X​7.

I noticed it engraved deeper on the edges. Is there a way to correct this? Here are the machine setting I have it set to as well.

I’m confused - you say you cannot get it to engrave on silicone, but you’re showing images of engravings on silicone. Were those done with the previous controller, or the new one?

Assuming this is a current result, it looks like you’re just going too deep, so try reducing the power. You might be able to get more even engraving by doing two passes with less power.

The lines are the problem in the engraving. The old controller was not as bad. We think it a settings issue that I dont have set right with the new controller.

I don’t see anything in the settings that appears to be incorrect. Nothing you’ve shown that would cause the controller to skip lines.

Your Lines per inch is too high. 400 is the upper limit from my experience. That may not be what is causing your issue, but it could cause unintended results (too much overlap in the resolution).

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