xTool 20w Not Cutting 3mm Pieces of Acrylic (White)

Good Day!

I am trying to Cut a piece of 3mm White opaugue cast acrylic. it cut the Red one fine with Speed = 3, Power = 100 and Pass= 3… I do not know why it is not even scoring the White. I used the Material sheeting off of xTool’s website for acrylic.

Are there certain settings depending on the color of the acrylic? If so, can you let me know what they are please?

Please assist, Thank You

From xTool web site.

When choosing acrylic for laser cutting, consider the color and thickness. A CO2 laser cutter can cut acrylic of any color, while a diode laser can only cut some dark opaque acrylic. The thickness of the acrylic is also important. Depending on your laser cutting machine’s power, select a suitable thickness. A 20W diode laser can efficiently cut up to 8mm thick acrylic in one pass. CO2 lasers, being more powerful, can cut most commonly available acrylic sheets.

It’s 3mm thick. White opaque. It came in to pack from xTool Select. So it should cut it. It just cut the Red
When I tried to cut it, it did not even look like it has a scratch on it

Xtool does sell lasers that will cut it. Just not yours.

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Oh ok, I understand

White reflects, not absorb, visible light lasers. If you can see the laser beam, you have a visible light laser.

Ok that makes sense. I do have another laser machine with a 45W beam. I will try that ones for the white opaque

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