Xtool D-1 Extension Arms

So I purchased the Xtool D1 extension kit and i went into settings and changed so on the workspace on the screen but when i go to the bottom of the workspace on the screen the laser only goes half of the new workspace

Did you apply the updated firmware to accommodate the larger size?

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where would i get that updated firmware i just went and adjusted the size dimensions in the settings

You need to install XCS and get the latest version of the firmware. Not certain but you may need to setup XCS in super long mode but not sure if that’s required for GRBL mode.

See here for reference:
How to set working size for Extension Kit in LightBurn? – xTool

How to switch to Laser super long mode in XCS? – xTool

I cant find connect device to change xcs to extra long

You’re saying you cannot find a device to connect to? How are you connected to the laser?

Perhaps trying to upgrade using xTool D1 Firmware Tool as described here:
How to Upgrade the xTool D1 Firmware – xTool

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