XTool D1 10W Hitting the railing

I’m having a bit of an issue with my XTool D1 10W when I try to run engravings that are a bit too close to limit of the working area.

I’m trying to make a grid spoil board with 10 mm margin of space from the edge of the working area but its still trying to force its way beyond the edge of the working area, specifically the the left side X axis. If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong or how I can stop this from happening beyond “Just don’t put things that close to the edge”. I know that the pro has a limit sensor and will stop itself from crashing, but I don’t have the funds to buy the XTool D1 Pro.

When an engraver engraves a line at a speed, it has to stop engraving, slow down and then finally stop moving. If you attempt to engrave lines to the limit, you loose the opportunity to slow down and stop. This is probably why you are hitting the rail.

If you want to make your grid larger than what the engraver will allow, you can do it with Print and Cut.

Select a piece of material that is at least 50% bigger than the work area in each direction so you can cut the registration marks off your grid spoil board when you’re done.

Make a full-size drawing of your full working grid area.

Cut it into four drawings. Assemble it as you would any oversize art.

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