xTool D1 - Axis Calibration Setting $102 - Write permission

I’m having trouble adjusting machine parameters on my xTool D1, specifically axis calibration. I’m trying to modify $102 but the value I set through the console doesn’t stick. Calibration through Machine Settings doesn’t work either.

I noticed your post was a reply to the header / placeholder for the xTool section and didn’t get a response. I see that it was May last year.

Some of the xTool D1 firmware versions didn’t allow changes to settings. Firmware write permissions are baked-in when the device is manufactured. It’s possible that a firmware update will permit changes to be made.

You may want to confirm the firmware version your xTool D1 and explore the possibility of a firmware update.

Selecting and copying the the first messages when communicating with LightBurn out of the LightBurn Console window and pasting them into a reply here will show which firmware you have and a look at the xTool website will show the current firmware versions available from the manufacturer.