Xtool D1 Camera Mount, bracket, arm ideas

Anyone else have a Xtool D1 as I am trying to figure out how to make a camera work since there isn’t a normal 2020 extrusion to mount it to? Anyone have any ideas, any STL’s they’d be willing to share, or thoughts on what they did.

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I’m designing one now. My concept is a bracket that attaches to the rear rail on the left side. I will use 1/2" EMT conduit that I bent at 90° angle to get over the top of the machine. I’ll put it on Thingiverse when I finish.


Outstanding sir. I will look to check it out. I designed something out of wood it doesn’t work very good so looking for a stronger option

I’m making progress. 3D printing now.


Looking good excited to see your final product.

Any updates this design looks amazing would love to be able to use it.

I have uploaded my design on Thingiverse. Let me know how you like it.

Thanks for uploading the design, I had to search on Thingiverse, but eventually found it. I was searching for “xTool” and it wasn’t popping up in the results for some reason (wondering if maybe Thingiverse is case sensitive and I didn’t capitalize the T maybe???). For those that are having trouble, it’s under “xTool D1 camera mount”

Thank you. If you like the design, click on the heart in Thingiverse to get it higher on the search.

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