XTool D1 Getting hard limit error randomly....help!


Been referencing these forums for a while via Google and want to say thanks to the staff and users for all the help. I finally created a login and this is my first question for the group…be gentle.

Been using LB for about a year…no real issues that I couldn’t solve with this forum/Google thus far…until now.

Here’s what I know:

-XTool D1 Pro 20W-up to date via XCS
-LB version is up to date
-Running cut project(s) that I have run multiple times in the past with no issue
-Now getting random stoppage with tone and hard limit error…no rhyme or reason as to time or location of stoppage.
-I have attached log pic and machine setting pic for reference.
-It is not a material positioning/crosshair offset issue.
-it is not a belt tension issue as I just adjusted/tightened them.
-I use hand positioning (I know) and do not using homing or absolute coords

Can anyone help me? What other info do you need to help? Thanks all.

In this case there’s really only question, does the laser module get anywhere near the actual X or Y limits of the machine? If yes, then please elaborate exactly what happens.

If not, then you’re possibly getting false positive hard limit alarms. Find out why your sensors are getting triggered. Make sure they’re properly connected. Try manually triggering the issue to confirm symptoms.

If all fails, then try disconnecting the sensors entirely. Sounds like you’re not using them anyway.

Thanks for the reply… I’m not operating near the limit switches so probably not the issue.

I hadn’t even thought the limit switches might be glitching… I’ll look at those.

It’s just so weird since it just started out of nowhere and it’s highly variable as to when it happens.

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