Xtool D1 in Lightburn

Hi community, can someone please help me with a new Xtool D1 laser? I am trying to set it up in Lightburn.
Here listed is all of the options I am using. For Lightburn, I am using version 1.1.03. I read that I had to update the Xtool
D1 1 firmware and did it through LaserBox. It is currently v40.30.002.01 B1. I did the driver install for Lightburn per the instructions I saw on Youtube
videos. I IMPORTED (not copied and pasted) the driver per instructions. Under devices, it shows the grbl xtool d1.
When I load the xtool d1 in Lightburn and select the comp port, nothing will happen with the xtool. It just sets idle.
There is times when it will start to travel, and will go to a side and I will have to turn it off before it crashes against
a side rail.The red tear drop laser movement icon will not even move the laser. I can shut down Lightburn and go
to LaserBox that came with the machine and all works fine. When I start the xtool d1 in lightburn, it shows the
start location in the upper left corner, and Lightburn picks up the correct com port as LaserBox. Maybe someone here in the
community has a xtool d1 and can help. Maybe there is a stting in Lightburn I have to turn on. I saw on the xtool site, I need version
1.1.04 of Lightburn. I did not see an update for that version in Lightburn. Thanks all for any help.

I just got the xtool last week, followed the instructions and got the most up to date Lightburn, and everything seems to working fine. It seems like we followed the same process

I have slightly different problems than you describe, but none the less, still problems that I never had with my ortur laser. seems like Xtool D1 is not quite ready for primetime (meaning Lightburn). I think the firmware needs some work at their end.

Someone at LightBurn has an xTool D1 and made a video.
This may be of benefit:

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