Xtool D1 laser wiring loom broken

so today I went to use my laser, powered on just fine, and the fan that usually starts coming didn’t come on. I did all my homing, assumed it was just rather chilly in the garage and the laser head itself was just cold. The “crosshairs” for framing engraving/cut were on so I thought everything was fine. I went to actually engrave and noticed the laser head was moving about as it should but nothing was happening. I turned off the engraver went to check connections at the MB everything was good there. I went to the laser head and went to remove the wiring harness and noticed that 2 of the 8 wire harness had a clean break-which must have happened via the cold snap overnight. I was engraving the night previous without issue so I am pretty confident it happened due to the extremely cold temperatures in my garage(17 degrees) which apparently the wires couldn’t handle that temperature?

I have emailed Xtool D1 support; asking if I can please get information on purchasing a new wiring loom or how to get a replacement. I have not heard anything yet.

If anyone has experienced this please assist best you can. I am open to suggestions or solutions at this point. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If you have enough length could you trim the other wires back and repin the connector. Looks like a normal JST PH2.0 connector but you’d have to confirm.

Alternatively you could try to source a pre-made cable but you’d have to make sure the length meets your needs.

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I will take this into consideration. I am really hoping customer support for Xtool will reach out to me as id be willing to just buy a replacement and save the headache-but may explore the option of just replacing 2 of the wires if I cannot get any customer support :expressionless:

Berainlb you know a good “source” to get a pre-made cable?

No. Not really. This sort of thing is generally fairly custom beyond some standard lengths. There are tons of connectors at the usual suspects like Amazon, aliexpress, ebay. Any electronics specialist like digikey or adafruit would sell components. Again, not sure if you’ll be able to find something with your exact needs.

If you wanted to just get going, consider soldering and heatshrinking the wires back together. That will probably be stronger than the original cable it looks like.

You can “desleeve” the individual metal connector that slots into the white housing of the connector. There should be a visible catch that you can depress to release it from the housing.

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Maker-block (Xtool) got ahold of me and they are sending a replacement cable. all is well. thanks for all the advice.

Nice! Hopefully the new one is more cold tolerant. :laughing:

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