XTool D1 motherboard

Hey guys I’m new here and new to the laser game. I recently purchased a XTool D1 from an individual on Facebook market place. Never once did the individual inform me of any damages and even sent me a video of it operating. Needless to say when receiving the D1 laser it was packaged very nicely as if it was brand new. When I assembled it everything looked good and it turned on no problem. I hooked it up to my laptop and placed a prepped tile under it. Found a place to download laserbox and was getting the itch to burn…. It didn’t work.

So then after getting frustrated I just purchased lightburn thinking that will solve my issue and I can get to burning…. Nope!

So after further research I found out that I had to flip the upload switch and update the firmware… well… the uploaded switch on the mother board is completely destroyed and makes the XTool D1 completely unusable. I have emailed XTool support and have yet to got a response…

Where can I purchase a new motherboard… please help!!

more than likely something is plugged in wrong or not seated correctly pretty common

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Pics below

That’s a real bummer - I hope they can help you with a replacement.

I’m curious about the D1 control board. Would you be willing to take some more pics of the component side when you go to change it out? I’d like to know which communication chip they selected for their USB CH340/CH341 etc and confirm the ESP32 processor.