Xtool D1 Pro 20W Laser is Firing During Travel

My Laser $32=1 as it is supposed to be is not the issue. It’s Random last night 3 pieces no issues. Today’s 1st piece has multiple issues. Should I clean the lens, I mean I am working in my office no dust, and have only used this thing like 30 times how much dust can there be?

Not sure what’s going on but some observations:

  1. the issue is somewhat odd in that it’s not all travel moves where there’s an issue. Can you confirm that the Preview looked correct?
  2. your GRBL configuration shows $31=0.1 which is minimum power. Normally this is 0. So in your case the lowest power is 0.1. That shouldn’t necessarily cause a burn but I’m wondering if this is a bug in the firmware. It’s possible that power is increased to accommodate variable power during the traversal move enough such that it’s burning. It’s not consistent enough to convince me but it’s possible.

Try reducing “Fast whitespace Scan” to see if this goes away. Unfortunately you’re limited in what you can change in xTool devices so that’s pretty much as far as you’ll be able to go.

What version of the firmware are you running?

It’s possible you have something odd in the design itself so I suggest you review it or post it here for review.

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