Xtool D1 Pro 20W laser not firing

I have the Xtool D1 Pro 20w. I have the software loaded and the D1 Pro 20w is showing in the device window… Everything seems to be working correctly but when I try to cut the laser appears to be firing but nothing is engraving or cutting.

3 suggestions:

  1. Make sure focus is correct
  2. Increase power
  3. Decrease speed

You only really have power and speed as mechanisms to control light exposure time.

Also, make sure your settings are correct.
What is value of S Value Max in Device Settings? That should match value of $30 in Machine Settings. If it does not, change S Value Max to match.

I understand how to find the S Value in Device Setting but where do I fine the value in Machine Settings?

  1. Edit->Machine Settings
  2. Read

Note that you’ll need to have the laser plugged in and connected when you do this.

Alternatively, you could issue $$ in Console and it will respond with a list of parameters including $30.

I have checked checked the device settings and the S-Curve is 1000. I have no idea how to make sure the focus is correct. I tried the focus test in Laser Tools and when I hit start, is move the head into frame setting off the alarm. Starting to get very frustrated.

I have photos but can’t figure out how to attach them.

Are you at least using the included focus attachment to set the correct distance to the material?

Did you try the other things I suggested? Increasing power or decreasing speed? Keep doing both until you achieve a mark.

If that doesn’t work then take screenshot and photos of what’s happening.

You can attach them by simply dragging and dropping into the reply field. Or by pushing the up arrow in the toolbar of the reply window.

I use the focus adjustment on the laser head. I took the power to 100 and speed down to 30 and still nothing.

Keep going slower.

It’s not totally clear from your photos but it looks like you may be configured for inches/second. That would make 30 in/s something like 45,720 mm/minute. Typical burns on your laser are achieved in the 100-3000 mm/minute range. You are more than an order of magnitude too fast.

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That was the problem. I set it to inches instead of mm. Now it is working as it should.

Thank you for your help and patience.