Xtool d1 pro 20w not connection to lightburn

previously connected dev file downloaded previously. Xtool updated today. Lightburn up to date. Watched so many videos. Is this due to the xtool update?

xTool updates are most often handled with XCS.

Please confirm that XCS isn’t still running in the background so that LightBurn may reconnect.

To launch the Mac Task Manager ( a smaller version of the Activity Monitor ) press and hold the [CMD] + [ALT] + [ESC] keys. If you see XCS in the task manager, please close it. This can prevent communication with LightBurn.

We know a recent xTool firmware change altered the Rotary Tool settings.

We discover changes to their firmware as xTool users are impacted.
A heads-up from @Anwen would be most welcome.

Yes. Check all of that. stool and my MacBook Pro work together. Lightburn suddenly doesn’t. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. Please, any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

In LightBurn, Open the Laser window and click Choose,
Please capture the image of what you see for options.

Take-a-screenshot.org offers helpful advice on screenshots so you can share what you’re seeing. :slight_smile:

Usually the serial option with ‘wch’ in the name is the one that communicates with your xTool D1 pro.

Some users report that leaving the upload switch in place after updating the xTool D1 pro causes communication errors.

The Console window in LightBurn will share what’s being communicated. It lets you know when you’re connected.

empty console - waiting for connection

Please share this as well. Hopefully we see the reason it’s not connecting.

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