xTool D1 Pro 20W rattles whyle engraving Photos


my xTool D1 Pro 20W rattles cometimes whyle I engrave Photos.
It is loud an the you kann see the jumps in the engraved Photo.

Can Some one tell what I can do?

I engrave withe a line distance of 0,11mm about 98% of the Photo it is smooth.

I made a mistake and set the distance ro 0,05 and the laser rattles the whole engraving.

Is it maybe a Problem with the DPI?



Damian – a fewthings you can check.

  1. Ensure that your belt tensions are correct and that all of the grub-screws that hold the pulleys in place are tight.
  2. You may be moving things too quickly. You don’t state what speed you are utilizing, but I have read that sometimes when moving too fast, it can cause a “stuttering” and/or “rattling”.
  3. Check the Device Settings (i.e. the Wrench icon on the tool-bar). If the Fast Whitespace is enabled, disable that setting. That may smooth things out.

Let us know what you find.

Hi @dpiekarski ,

the speed was 250mm/sec and 100% power.
It was not much rattling, only at the end of the engraving.

I will check the belts and the screws, the cut at the end was moved because of the rattling.

I’m engraving now an other pitcture an every thing works fine, maybe it was a lot of small movements and the laserhead jumped on the belt.

thanks for your help!


250mm/sec is pretty fast for these stepper motors and the belts. You may be experiencing some slipping of the belts.

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