XTool D1 Pro 40W laser will fire but will not move to do the engraving

I installed the XCS software and the XTool D1 Pro 40W works flawlessly with the XCS software. However, when I try to use LightBurn, the burning process does not work correctly.

I followed the configuration to the T from XTool at: Operate xTool D1 Pro with LightBurn - xTool Support Center. I have the correct configuration file. LightBurn recognizes the XTool. I can import a file. I can frame the file correctly. I can even run the preview and the preview shows the pattern the laser should do to create the engraving.

However, when I hit start, the laser goes home, starts to fire and does not move. It starts burning a hole in the wood with out moving. I hit the emergency stop to prevent any damage. I have the latest firmware installed on the machine. I have the latest version of the official LightBurn software. I checked all the cabling and everything is connected correctly and seated properly.

Any assistance or guidance in greatly appreciated.

Would you happen to be doing your projects in inches?

I am not. I am using mm.

Mind posting your machine settings and gcode header/footer?

We ended up solving the issue. We went into the Windows profile at C:\users\user’s profile\AppData\Local\LightBurn and deleted the prefs.ini and prefs.ini.old files. We also deleted the files in the subfolder backups\prefs\ and deleted all the files there.

Once we opened LightBurn, it looked like a fresh install. We had to import the configuration file again.

Machine Settings was also not showing before we did this and is now visible under the Edit menu.

When doing an uninstall, reboot, reinstall, the files under AppData\Local are not removed. Our recommendation for anyone who has problems is to delete the files under AppData\Local as a first step.

Glad you got it resolved.