XTool D1 PRO and lightburn

I plan on getting the xtool d1pro 20w laser in the next week or so, however, i need to make sure that Lightburn can use all the capabilities and I can use all of lightburn capabilities, i know they are a proprietary company.

However, if anyone has a better recommendation for a 20W laser that is great and within the D1Pro that fully supports lightburn, I am open to hear about it.

I would hate to spend money on something that i’ll end up regretting later.

Thank you

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Great question! I’m getting my D1 Pro 20w tomorrow! Looking forward to it!

I’ll address specifically the question about xTool ↔ LightBurn capability.

Basically any of the xTool machines are a take it or leave it proposition from the perspective of LightBurn use. Specifically, you have no ability to change any of the configuration in the machine. So for example, if the machine is accelerating too quickly for the quality of burn that you want there’s no way to change this. If you extend the bed size there’s no way to change this from within LightBurn.

There are certain things that you can change configuration wise from XCS but are not accessible from LightBurn. This includes enabling/disabling the red crosshairs, activating the extended bed size if you install the extension add-on, and perhaps other things I’m unaware of.

In terms of general operation LightBurn can communicate with the machine and instruct it without fuss although some people have a hard time getting communication initially working. If you experience no issues with the machine performance then the gap in functionality may be a complete non-issue.

And before you ask, I have no recommendation for alternative machines.


First of all, the XCS requires an insane amount of computing power for some strange reason, so if You’re on a budget laptop, don’t be surprized if it doesn’t run well.
Or at all :frowning:



follow these instructions to the letter, otherwise there’s very slim (~2%) chance that You’ll get the D1 Pro working with LB.

Unlike the XCS, LB will probably run on a computer that has been judged obsolete for any other work a decade ago.
Don’t know about the other operating systems, but AFAIK on the Win side Win7 → and a few megs of memory is the minimum requirement to run LB.
LB was literally a life saver for me, I was absolutely sure that the machine itself was faulty when I couldn’t get it working with XCS.

At least the super sensitive flame detector control, not that even the XCS necessarily turns it off :confused:
At least not with the first…nor on the second try.

I don’t have any recommendations for alternative machines either, xTool D1 Pro (20W + IR) is the only one I have (little to be honest) experience with.
The mechanical construction (BEng Mech. here) is IMO very nice and well thought of for this price range, but the GRBLish controller/firmware, or the XCS that one has to use for certain thngs, not so much.
The cable routing to the laser head is also rather tricky, and does require quite a bit of thought and pre-planning so the cables do not restrict movement.

All and all, IMHO it’s a decent machine for the money, and a great platform for improvements because the mechanical construction seems to be better than what the competition offers at this price range.
The mechanical construction is usually the hardest and most expensive to improve, swapping controllers and rerouting wiring looms is much easier and cheaper, IMO anyway.

If either of You bought the IR head with the “blue” head, the IR head focusing arm is most likely a bit too long so as-is it probably won’t mark anything.
So a ramp test and shortening the focus arm based on the results of that test is required unless the folks at xTool have already correced that issue.


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