Xtool D1 Pro + Extension - origin issue

Hi All

I’ve recently come back to my Xtool D1 Pro with extensions after a few months layoff.
One of my original LB gripes was that my bed (due to the size - and my preference) was in “landscape” mode on the bench but not on the screen - which was in “portrait”. LB now seem to have an option that allows to screen rotate CW to 90 deg in the device settings - great, just what I wanted !!.

Having done this, my home switches are at the top right - that’s fine, that’s where I want home to be (out of the way) along with the button and pwr/usb connectors at the bottom left.
However, I want the screen/bed origin (0,0) to be at the top left. If I set the origin position using the top left blue button in device settings, the origin (0,0) does go to the top left as commanded. If I draw a rectangle and set it’s top left x/y location to 100,100, it is drawn at the correct location from the origin (100 to the right and down from the top left origin). Sadly, when asked to cut the rectangle, it cuts it at 100 to the left and down from the home switches position :slight_smile:

I’m assuming this is a bug and not that I have misunderstood how LB should operate - the origin and home positions surely don’t have to be in the same location?? I have cleared any previous origins using the move panel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s not a game changer as I can I can swap the origin back to top RHS, just a PITA as all my cutfiles reference the top LHS (from a previous commercial laser system).

Origin Button
Would this control have anything to do with it?

Hi Mikey
Thanks, but unfortunately, that’s only the reference corner for the currently selected object. I did change it in case it had any bearing on the “bug”, but no luck.

I just noticed something else with moving the origin to the top LHS, the X jog buttons are flipped (this is the new X as flipped x/y in the Device Setting) :thinking:

I don’t think you can just rotate the grid and that will be it. I suspect you will be getting into the GRBL parameters to make everything work together properly. I have not played with the new feature, so I will be of little help there. Mine homes front-left and that fits my concept of a graph.

Sadly, with Xtool, you have no access to the GRBL settings (AFAIK?).
However, the basics of a CNC/Laser cutting app that allow swapping of the XY axes, should also incorporate any other parameters that would be modified during that swap - or at least, the ability to manually tweak them if necessary. I certainly wouldn’t expect the X axis jog buttons to flip just because I moved the origin :slight_smile: /rant

That makes sense, but I would need to sit down with a sheet of paper and a wood block with markings to sort it out. Maybe an explanation from @JohnJohn may be able to help us understand how the new feature is intended to work.

I do know it is a tool intended to help those using typical CNC mills retrofitted with lasers. Bear in mind Lightburn is always a work in progress. Sometimes, what we thought it should do, it can in a release or two later.