Xtool D1 pro hitting the wall when going home in Lightburn

I am very new to Lightburn and laser engraving. When I hit the home button in Lightburn my Xtool D1 Pro goes up to the top left corner but hits the back wall and grinds for a few seconds. how do i calibrate the home button?

This is will be an issue with the mechanics/hardware. Look for the Y-axis homing sensor and sort out why it’s not able to detect the laser module or gantry when it reaches that position. I believe your laser uses an optical or hull effect sensor for this.

If there’s no mechanical reason why the sensor is not actuating check the wiring and make sure you have a good connection for the sensor.

Thank you, I’ll give it a try.

I Had a similar situation. The sensor was not being activated because I had just installed a roller chain to handle loose cables. Turns out the air assist tube was behind the laser gantry. It would not allow the gantry to activate the sensor. I moved it higher up on the zip ties and it works fine now. I could not for the life of me figure out why all of a sudden it crashed on a home command.

Thank you! I moved some things around and it is all working now.

Great, glad I could add something useful.

I am currently having the same issue now. Did this throw off laser going to a set origin?

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