Xtool D1 Pro homes fine, butcrashes upon start of engrave: starts to move then continuous beep and freezes

I have a Xtool D1 Pro and am using a 3rd party laser (laser tree 20W). I can home the system without problem. However, when I start the burn/engrave process, the gantry starts to move but then emits a loud continuous beep and freezes. If I manually move the laser eslewhere and select to start at the top left corner, there are no problems. It seems that there must be a problem with a limit switch or something related to that? I have re-checked all of my cable connections and the problem still happens 100% of the time. Only when I start with homing the system, then try to start using absolute coordinates. I tried once moving it slightly away from “home” before starting the engraving, and it still happened. Only when I move it well away from the left side does it NOT fail. Help!

It sounds like a configuration issue. You may be running out of bounds and hitting soft limits. Can you post a screenshot of your machine configuration? Type $$ into the console window and screencap the GRBL settings… There are some really smart people in the forum who will dissect these for you.

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