Xtool D1 Pro Material library (rename .txt to .clb) 5W, 10w, 20W

Many thanks for this library, especially as a newbie this is a great help to have starting points. However, I am confused when I compare the values between the xTool XCS and Lightburn.

As an example, in XCS the cut settings for 3mm Basswood Plywood show power 100% and 7 mm/s the library for Lightburn however, for the same does show 20% and 6 mm/s? As said, this is just an example if I compare other materials, I never get a match, how come?


Just venturing a guess here, but that sounds like the difference between a 5w and a 20w chart.

No, that would be too easy. I took the settings for my D1 Pro 20W and @KiwiGrant 's file that says also 20 W. I wonder if there is a formula to convert the XCS material settings to lightburn - or do I have to redo all my XCS material test grids in Lightburn?

Every time you get a new batch of materials, you should do another Material Test. They vary that much. I found this to be true even with white ceramic tiles. At the very least you would want to confirm your recorded values are still valid.

I would just use the XCS values to make a new materials Library in Lightburn so you do not have to work out of two places.

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correct but the values are different, although both apps set to use mm/s, the values in Lightburn seem to follow a different algorithm. 20% power in Lightburn seem to equal 100% in XCS.

Not sure what you mean here. If you are talking about the LB Material Test, there is no algorithm, just a grid you can adjust. If you are talking about the Materials Library, no algorithm there either. It is just a chart you fill in. No Materials Library is included by Lightburn. If you found one, it was developed by another LB user.

As for the 100% for the power, that makes sense. That is so xTool can sell you a new laser when you burn out yours.

What is the output power of your laser?
What are the suggested settings for Baltic Birch, from XCS and Lightburn?

What I am talking about is the material specific settings for cut, line engrave and fill engrave in XCS the app that xTool is developing and the same settings for this in Lightburn. When I use the same parameters that I have in XCS within Lightburn the laser results are different. So, I was asking if there is a formula that converts the values (settings) in XCS to Lightburn used ones?

XCS: Basswood plywood 3.0mm
Raster engrave
D1 Pro 20W
Power 60% / Speed 100 mm/s / Passes 1

This is because Lightburn process a lot more information. Unless I am mistaken, XCS only processes Gcode, but does not create it.

Anyhow, I seriously doubt there there is a conversion between the two systems, considering both depend on so many different variables.

Did you find a 40w library?

Did you happen to get a answer? Like to find a 40w library for my d1 pro.

While it’s not a Lightburn library, you can begin looking over XTool’s material settings and building your own library from it in Lightburn.

I just found out that it is just a simple calculation.

mm/s * 60 = mm/m
mm/m / 60 = mm/s

that is what I was looking for.