Xtool D1 Pro Material library (rename .txt to .clb) 5W, 10w, 20W

Xtool D1 Pro 5w.txt (12.1 KB)

Xtool D1 Pro 10w.txt (85.7 KB)
Xtool D1 Pro 20w.txt (91.0 KB)
I built a parser to create the material library files from the official Xtool PDF



Great stuff. Thanks.

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YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!! I could kiss you for compiling this clb file!! I was about to give up. OOPS!! Sorry John, I replied to the wrong person. :wink:

YOU ARE THE BEST LIFE SAVER!!! I could kiss you for compiling this clb file!! I was about to give up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Hi Guys.

I changed the file to .clb and when I load into Lightburn it does nothing. No errors just does nothing. I have checked and the ext is right. Brand new to lightburn I have loaded some art libraries with no problems. Would appreciate any help I have the 20 watt D1 pro

Thanks Jim G

I just downloaded it, renamed the file extension to CLB, and loaded it into the Lightburn library. I got LOADS of settings in my library now!

There’s a good chance that Windows is hiding the actual file extension from you.

Take a look here to see how to change this and check the file extension:
How to Make Windows Show File Extensions (howtogeek.com)

Thank you!! Really needed this file.

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Thanks for putting such an effort into creating this library. As I was chechking the parameters I noticed that there were multiple settings that do no fit those in the PDF provided by XTool. The number of passes also always seems to be set to 1? It would be brilliant if we could figure these isues out :-). I converted the PDF into an Excel Sheet but due to a lack of programming skills have no idea how to write the code for the library myself.

Kind regards,

It is not hard to convert to the XML. The current file is not current that downloaded so I will be writing a program to create a new file that is more accurate with number of passes and the proper power settings.

Thank you, very useful! Any plans to update this for the 40w?