Hard limit triggered xtool d1 pro

from what i understand, xtool does not support the lightburn software

Where did you get that impression? They make a large fuss about supporting LightBurn. And LightBurn itself has gone to some length to accommodate xTool lasers.

As far your Device Settings, how did you setup your laser? Some of your settings are different than what I would expect for a D1 Pro. Your dimensions do not look standard nor do your scanning offset adjustments.

Did you import the .lbdev provide by xTool?
Use LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro – xTool

In any case, the reason you’re getting the issue with the crosshair framing is because you have an incorrect Pointer Offset configured.

Change the X value in Device Settings from 0 to -16mm.

same problem using these settings. Frames ok, as soon as i start the project, moves to the left and sets alarm off.

Try this:

  1. Switch to Absolute Coords as your Start From mode in Laser window
  2. Move the rectangle to the center of the workspace. I want to make sure you have proper clearance
  3. Push Home in Laser window and subsequently do not ever move the laser head by hand.
  4. Test the frame then Start the job.

Can you describe what happens?

the laser framed correctly and started the line mode in the correct position

That’s good. It’s likely in the previous tests that one of these conditions were present:

  1. the laser head was moved by hand after homing. If you do this, the controller cannot account for the movement and will no longer have tracking of position
  2. the location of the head was in a position that it could not reach when having to accommodate the -16 mm offset

You should be able to sort out which is the case here and avoid that going forward.

i never moved the laser head by by hand after homing it.

Then possibly the other scenario. I’d encourage you to experiment with placement along the left edge of the workspace where you may be more liable to have this issue.

In any case, it sounds like you’re now in working order. Go have some fun.

does the same thing on the right hand side. if i try to run anything using absolute coordinates. i believe the problem is the settings for the space for the Xtool D1 Pro 20W is not set correctly but cant find anyone who can tell me what the correct space is. The 20W laser is bigger the the 5W or 10W and can not travel as far along the X and Y axis. i dont think the X 430mm and Y 400mm are correct for the 20W. I would like to see what those settings are from someone using the D1 Pro 20W

I see this on xTool site which implies 430x390 mm. That doesn’t explain issues on the X-axis, however.

In that case, you should make that change in Device Settings. I’m curious if your machine configuration also shows that.

Can you check the value of $131 in Edit->Machine Settings?


Have you checked in XCS? It’s possible that you need to make a change there to indicate the different laser module. That may make adjustment to these settings. I recall that’s necessary for the use of the extension but I’m not certain about laser modules.

Unfortunately xTool prevent you from making configuration changes directly so won’t be able to change that directly from LightBurn although you could potentially just work around it.

Make sure that you change this in Edit->Device Settings.

again, my frustration. Lightburn relies on the config file from XCS. I have imported the correct config file from XCS into Lightburn and it does not control the 20W laser correctly. Like i said before, Lightburn does not offer 100% support for the Xtool D1 PRO 20W laser machine.

LightBurn does not use a config file from XCS. XCS itself has to configure something that xTool does not allow other programs to change.

This is an xTool created .lbdev file that they make available to ease LightBurn configuration. This is done instead of manually creating this which makes sense for xTool because they require quite a few uncommon configurations.

I guess this is a matter of perspective then. If by 100% you mean that LightBurn can manage all aspects of the machine then no. It can’t exactly do this for any machine from that perspective. If there’s a lower standard of being able to operate a properly configured machine to very high standards then yes, it is supported. However, it can’t make changes to a controller where this is disabled.

If that’s a priority for you then I’d suggest a more open machine that does allow this. Pretty much all other companies running GRBL based boards have now moved to allowing GRBL configuration changes. Even a year ago this wasn’t true.

any idea where can can download the materials library for Lightburn? found on site that said to rename it from txt to clb but it didnt work

In what way did it not work? How did you attempt to load the library?

renamed it from.txt to .clb but whenn i tried to import it into lightburn it didnt recogonize the .clb file extension

Did you confirm that the file extension is indeed .clb? It’s likely that it wasn’t renamed correctly. Do you possibly have file extensions hidden in Windows?

Take a look here for more information:

Thanks, windows was not showing the whole file extension. Got the materials library loaded!!


Re. “Factory Settings” on mine are:



In parentheses because I haven’t changed them, but have been generated by either firmware or the .lbdev file that XTool provides.

As for the topic of Lightburn not supporting XTool 100%, while that is true (with every third party software), it is also perfectly understandable.
I’d take 80%, heck, probably even 60%.

As a BEng mech. I was sold to XTool (20W + 2W + RA2 Pro + Extension) by the astonishing (in reviews also) craftmanship and quality of the mechanical construction and -features, but had I taken a closer look at the controller/firmware and especially the utter POS XCS, I might have very well chosen differently.
Or at least explored the possibilities of swapping the controller for something more “open”.
I still may ;).

Without Lightburn, my recently purchased D1 Pro 20W would probably be sitting idle, at least until I’d find some (other than XCS) reason to buy a heftier laptop.
The computer requirements to run XCS are IMHO insane, especially for those of us who insist on using laptops.
And those requirements are for a software that looks suspiciously similar to Win Paint(brush?),
while Lightburn probably (I haven’t tested…yet ;)) on most of the laptops and desktops that have been available for the last decade or so and can be had for free, or for afew tenners because modern games won’t run on those.