Can not get lightburn to recognize my D1 pro

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Hi Tom,
I just assembled my D1 Pro and am running it with Lighburn. You will need to first download, BUT DO NOT TRY TO OPEN, the Xtool configure file…

When LB first opened it brought up a window, make sure to select the lbdev file you just downloaded and it should configure. If you have the 20W. there is a wonderful person who shared their Xtool D1 Pro 20W materials library… its here in this forum. IT IS A LIFESAVER and will stop you from catching things on fire because the materials data sheet Xtool gives is for their software, not LB. I hope this helps.

Xtool D1 Pro Material library (rename .txt to .clb) 5W, 10w, 20W - LightBurn Hardware Compatibility [OFFICIAL] / xTool D1 - LightBurn Software Forum JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND RENAME THE FILE IDENTIFIER TO .CLB

Its a great start… you will have to tweak all settings of course.

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