xTool D1 Pro not connecting

I’ve used LightBurn on 3 or 4 Macs and with 3 different lasers, and have always been able to get the connection working, but now I seem to be stuck. I’m trying to connect an xTool D1 Pro to a MacBook (an older Intel model, running the latest MacOS) and I just keep getting the dreaded “Port failed to open – already in use?” or “Waiting for connection” messages.

I’ve set my Device to xTool D1 Pro. In my Devices->Port dropdown, the only options are “choose,” “cu.BLTH” and “Cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port.”

I’ve downloaded the driver from https://www.wch.cn/downloads, and done my best to follow the horribly written and absurdly complex instructions. (Yes, including restarting my Mac.)

Those instructions include 4 commands to type into Terminal. With the last two of those commands, Terminal returned the message “no matches found [etc.]”

Also in those instructions it says “open “System Report”->Hardware->USB, the right side is “USB Device Tree” and you will find a device whose “Vendor ID” is [0x1a86] if USB device is working properly.”
I’ve done this and there is no such device.

  1. Tell me how to fix this.
  2. Why in the ever-loving motherfluffing hell is this so fluffing complicated and difficult?

Ah well, wouldn’t 'cha know it? In the 14 minutes since I posted this I decided to try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, and that has worked.

My question #2 above remains, however.

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To simplify create a new device by importin the following .lbdev from XTool already with Scanning Offset defined.
xTool-D1ProV3.lbdev (3.9 KB)


That one’s IMO extremely easy to answer:

xTool wants it to be that way.

Or at least it looks like they do.



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